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links for 2010-01-10

  • This collection of essays, interviews, and case studies provides a multi-faceted and nonpartisan account of government as it becomes more transparent, collaborative, and participatory. Each chapter expresses the views of its prominent author, and the book as a whole offers a persuasive argument for transparency and interactivity in government at all levels. As a handbook for advocates of openness and e-government, Open Government provides a valuable mosaic of opinions from leading politicians, journalists, programmers, professors, and visionaries, making it a must-read, particularly in light of current events and technologies.

    Topics include:

    * The beautiful vision: seamless access to government information that is remixable, meaningful citizen interaction with government officials, and improved government effectiveness through realtime data analysis and visualization

  • This summer I spent a lovely hour or so at the Hôtel Des Académies Et Des Arts in Paris. The only reason for my short visit was due to the hotel being sold out.

    But loving the fact that they had hired street artist Jérôme Mesnager, giving him carte blanche to use the hotel as his canvas — I couldn’t resist stopping in. He painted one of his famous white bodies in each of the 20 rooms, throughout the main floor, and even a 50-foot mural on the exterior of the building.

    (tags: travel food Paris)
  • Cern Corridor where web began
    (tags: web history)
  • SeaMicro, a stealthy server company based in Santa Clara, Calif., today scored $9.3 million from the Department of Energy as part of a program to encourage data center efficiency. It’s built a box that contains 512 Atom CPUs, a petabyte of storage, and costs less than $100,000, which it hopes to use to exploit the growing gap in computing workloads that the major server and chip vendors have ignored.

    From low-power mobile chips to incredibly fast, high-performance silicon, what one executive at Dell called “the dynamic range” of computing has widened. But right now the industry only provides computer users with chips congregated at each end, and nothing for users in between.

  • The Bay Area is a blog that gathers and expands on the news of the day and examines matters of political and cultural resonance in the region. Readers are encouraged to participate in the conversation by making comments, forwarding links and submitting eyewitness accounts, photographs or video of news events. All comments are moderated.
  • (tags: lifestyle TED)
  • All browser makers should take a page from Google's Chrome and isolate untrusted data from the rest of the operating system, a noted security researcher said today.

    Dino Dai Zovi, a security researcher and co-author of The Mac Hacker's Handbook, believes that the future of security relies on "sandboxing," the practice of separating application processes from other applications, the operating system and user data.


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