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links for 2009-12-19

  • (tags: costsaving)
  • This approach, coupled with Snow Leopard's rock-bottom £25 price-point, has led many to yell 'service pack', but that's pretty ignorant when you consider what Snow Leopard claims to offer. Sure, there's no Time Machine or Spotlight this time round, but there are still dozens of new features, big and small. More importantly, the OS has had large chunks of its guts ripped out and rewritten, which Apple claims should speed up your Mac and even return hard-disk space to you post-install.
    (tags: macosx)
  • This tutorial reviews the entire set of guidelines, offers suggestions on creating web sites which conform to these guidelines, and shows ways to determine if a web site is conformant with the guidelines. At the end of the tutorial, a list of tools are reviewed which will help you work with WCAG more efficiently.

    While this tutorial intends to explain why the WCAG documentations are not as complex as they seem to be, please keep in mind that we can learn to navigate this documentation with ease. Also, it is still a large volume of documents, full of examples, and all possible scenarios.

  • When talking about internal social media, bring together the people that have interest in helping shape the plan, as well as the critics and those people that it will directly impact if deployed. Ask yourselves:

    * What things can internal social media help us with, either existing business goals or new ones?
    * What can it NOT help us do?
    * What is the primary need we’re hoping to fill with social media? Information flow? Idea generation and innovation? Networking? Training? Morale?
    * How much do we want to weave in personal experiences/interests for employees in their company social media experience?
    * What kind of involvement and participation do we want from our employees overall?
    * What is success for us? Failure? Over what time period?

    There are plenty more questions to ask, but knowing what you want out of internal social media and articulating it alongside definitions for accountability is key to long term success.

  • "Today’s modern trends on the web are sophisticated, alluring and engaging. Building interactive and amazing interfaces using Flash/Flex or Silverlight has become easier and more accessible to modern-day designers."
    (tags: usability 2009)
  • (tags: googlewave)

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