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links for 2009-12-04

  • Writing for the web is a challenge. There are usually word length restrictions, the fact that users scan rather than read every word, and sometimes style guides to adhere to.

    There are enough writing tips online to keep you reading for longer than you probably desire. Here are 1o tips that have been the most useful to me:

    Know your audience

    This sounds obvious but is often taken for granted. The only way you can write relevant copy that is targeted at the right audience in the right tone of voice, is to understand who that audience is.

  • One of the most overlooked aspects in designing a website that we often brush off is web accessibility. There’s a misconception that web accessibility requires sacrifices to aesthetics, or that it’s not worth the effort.

    Image with text that says Web Accessibility Tips

    But, with a growing number of ways that users access the web, creating highly-accessible and universal designs that can be viewed in as many ways as possible is critical to the success of a website.

    And here’s the good news: it isn’t as hard as you think.

    Most web accessibility guidelines already go hand-in-hand with website development practices. In this article, we’ll explore 10 quick and easy ways to improve your site’s accessibility.

  • Last week we took a look at tracking, which is the amount of space between letters, and how it is an important part of designing with type. Today we’re looking at a close mate of tracking called Kerning. While tracking is the overall letter spacing, kerning is selective letter spacing between pairs of letters.

    Certain letters, when placed beside each other create an awkward space. We use kerning to increase or reduce that space to make text more readable and more visually appealing. Here’s a few examples of letters which don’t always sit well together.

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