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links for 2009-11-30

  • I …can’t deny the incredible value being put out onto the Internet for free by some very talented people. With the decreasing costs of web conferencing software from the likes of Calliflower, DimDim, PalBee and Rondee, offering webinars has never been easier or more affordable. Webinars these days can include audio, video and slide presentations, some with audience participation, and be either live or on-demand.

    In order to showcase their apps and services, many of these web conferencing companies offer free or affordable webinars on a variety of business topics to lure in new customers. Additionally, some companies hold free webinars to showcase their expertise. Either way, there are more and more free webinars offered every day. You can use them to gain knowledge from credible consultants, authors and other experts.

  • The majority of what we learn about human behavior isn’t spoken; it’s conveyed by nonverbal signals. Being able to understand and use this powerful but subtle form of communication will steer you through delicate political situations and help you shape personal relationships. It will also make it easier to deal with difficult people.

    Nonverbal communication involves many different “channels” that convey meaning beyond what’s being said. These include gestures, body movements, facial expressions, and even vocal tone and pitch. Much of the nonverbal information we get from people comes from their eyes. This explains why it’s often hard to infer meaning from a telephone call or written words.

  • I have loaded my 2GB pen drive with a stand-alone Slax Linux operating system and several portable Windows applications. Installing Slax on USB is as easy as copying a folder, that's what you actually do. The Linux OS provides me the comfort and safety of my own desktop without having to lug around a heavy laptop. Portable Windows applications allow me to use my applications on PCs that lack the application.

    Killer portable applications
    Portable versions of most popular Windows applications are available on PortableApps and PenDriveApps. Most of these applications are also available for Mac on FreeSmug. Here is a list of some basic portable applications for your USB drive (list for Mac portable apps in a separate post).

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