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links for 2009-11-29

  • The online resource for sustainability in the Learning and Skills sector. What is 'sustainability'?
    Want to embed sustainable development in your curriculum? These new Sustainable Development Curriculum Guides are here to help 'Embedding Sustainable Development in the Curriculum' is aimed at staff within learning institutions and provides information on how to embed sustainability into what and how they teach.

    'Creating the Conditions for Embedding Sustainable Development in the Curriculum', provides guidance for senior managers on how they can support the embedding of sustainability within the curriculum.

  • From small local agencies to sprawling federal departments, governments across the country are using the web to make more information available to citizens. Activists and software companies envision a new era of government accountability. But they're grappling with a range of technical and philosophical obstacles. Tech Tuesday explores the roles and responsibilities of governments, software developers and activists.
  • Serious information used to be relayed in words, graphs and charts – pictures were just pretty window dressing. That's all changing, says David McCandless.

    E-mails. News. Facebook. Wikipedia. Do you ever feel there's just too much information? Do you struggle to keep up with important issues, subject and ideas? Are you drowning in data?

    In this age of information overload, a new solution is emerging that could help us cope with the oceans of data surrounding and swamping us. It's called information visualisation.

  • If there's anything good that has come out of the financial crisis it's the slew of high-quality graphics to help us understand what's going on. Some visualizations attempt to explain it all while others focus on affected business. Others concentrate on how we, as citizens are affected. Some show those who are responsible. After you examine these 27 visualizations and infographics, no doubt you'll have a pretty good idea about what's going on.

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