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links for 2009-11-25

  • This is part six of A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress – in part five I touched on some of the different concepts that are associated with WordPress sites – one of those was themes.

    There is such a wide choice of themes around now that it can be difficult to make a decision about which is the best one to go for. In this post I cover seven things that you should consider when choosing a new theme for your site.
    Free and Premium Themes

    Before covering the main points, it’s worth providing some background information. There are typically two types of WordPress themes – ones that are free and ones that you pay for (i.e. Premium themes). Premium themes are generally better designed, look nicer, and have a wider range of functions that you can make use of. However, there are also lots of good quality free themes that you can download and start using straight away.

  • The mission of this site is to provide photographers with information and inspiration that will help improve their skills and inspire to create more interesting photography. I have listed 10 other sites that I have found to also be very helpful. They contain tons of information that will get you on the right path and help you take your photography to the next level.

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