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links for 2009-11-24

  • Search, Status Cheat Sheet
    This is a quick guide to the operators and restricts supported by wave search.
    about:[keyword] — finds waves which have [keyword] occurring anywhere. Same as [keyword].
    title:[keyword] — finds waves which have [keyword] in the title.
    caption:[keyword] — finds waves which have an attachment where [keyword] occurs in the caption.
  • LIVING IN STREAMS In his seminal pop-book, Csikszentmihalyi argued that people are happiest when they can reach a state of "flow." He talks about performers and athletes who are in the height of their profession, the experience they feel as time passes by and everything just clicks. People reach a state where attention appears focused and, simultaneously, not in need of focus at the same time. The world is aligned and it just feels right.
  • It’s okay to write a bad paragraph, but publishing one will only endanger your bond with your readers. Before showing your writing to anyone, you should always go back through and check your paragraphs to make sure they are in tip-top shape.

    Here are some questions to guide you:
    1. Does it pass the Guy Kawasaki test?

  • It’s the best time to take a look back at the best of the best things that happened this year. A number of green competitions were held this year and a number of entries managed to make an impression. Designers and companies from around the world came up with some really innovative and eco-friendly ideas, concepts and products. Here we bring to you the winners from the best green competitions held in 2009.
    (tags: green design)
  • It's prediction season again and we've pulled together our best prognostications for the 2010 social media season.
  • I'm on the board of CommonCrawl.Org, a nonprofit corporation that is attempting to provide a web crawl for use by all. An interesting report just got sent to us about the use of robots.txt files within the .Gov Top Level Domain, a standard known as the Robots Exclusion Standard.

    In examining about 32,000 subdomains in .gov, it turns at least 1,188 of these have a robots.txt file with a "global disallow," meaning robots are excluded from indexing this content. Even more curious, on 175 of these sites, while there is a global disallow, there is a specific bypass that allows the Googlebot to index the data. You can look at the raw data on Factual.


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