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links for 2009-11-04

  • Made from PVC pipe and connectors, CFL bulbs, etc. Easy to follow instructions
  • Google Wave, the Internet giant's new online collaboration tool, has generated much buzz among developers, and now it has a large geeky fan following doing strange and relatively useless things. You can check out some of the silliness at the Google Wave Extensions List.

    But for me, and likely for the rest of the world of IT, much of the buzz around the Google Wave Sandbox and the consumer-facing applications is just a sideshow, a brilliant stroke of marketing. As Tom Mornini, chief technology officer and founder of Engine Yard, pointed out recently (see: "The Real Meaning of Google Wave"), the major impact of Google Wave will ultimately come from its power as a development platform for serious, distributed applications.

  • an online tool that makes it easy for you to create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application
  • GovTech.com has released an article titled 5 Tips for Outsourcing or Sharing IT Resources. For all the advocating of technology, GovTech has no way to comment on any article. So, here we go.

    The first sentence should be a warning to any reader that this isn't journalism, but a biased view. It reads "Sharing or outsourcing IT resources can be a tough job–no matter how sensible or cost-effective the concepts may seem." The word "seem" is the key word here as sharing or outsourcing IT services usually results in increased costs. Let's take a look at why this happens as with most things thinking is the problem.

  • Mark Drapeau writes "It's easy to see governments as nameless, faceless monoliths, something impersonal or, even worse, untrustworthy. Much of that is because government culture remains steeped in traditional ideas about public relations and outreach work, notions that have become archaic in an Internet-enabled, hyper-connected world. Just as private companies are learning to embrace social media to manage brand reputations, governments must adapt if they wish to effectively communicate with their "customers" — a.k.a. their citizens and stakeholders.

    I propose that using authentic and transparent personalities as public outreach ambassadors can help transform "government for the people" to "government with the people." This should also have an indirect positive effect on the government organizations — the brands — they represent.


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