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links for 2009-11-02

  • Your Boss May Own Your Facebook Wall Posts
    Both employers and employees may be surprised to find that employee created blog posts, YouTube, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, and even tweets may be owned by companies. Yes, even those personal pictures you took last Friday with your loved ones, or direct messages in Twitter could belong to your employer. Why is this? Employees sign employment contracts that may indicate that all intellectual property created during employment may be owned by the company, let’s dive into what you should know:

    Work, Online, and Life Mix
    As employees check personal websites at work (and likely on work computers) they are indeed using corporate infrastructure. Similarly, as employees do work from home in the evening on personal or work computers the lines continue to blur.

  • Over the last several months I have been writing extensively, both on this blog and in our client-focused research notes, on the characteristics of what many call government 2.0. Citizen-drive, employee-centricity, open data availability, emergent architectures are all key features. But I have always tried to figure out which of these characteristics is the most important….We were discussing how to make content more appealing to citizens using social media, and what the Smithsonian and others have been doing with Flickr, where they push content that can be tagged, classified, augmented by people on line. As I was going through this and other examples, I concluded with what I thought was the common denominator in all success stories so far. Funnily enough, this government executive…and I used the same term at the same moment, so much so that it almost sounded like a duet: “You have to let go” we both said.

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