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links for 2009-10-25

  • What’s important to remember in light of the launch of Mozilla’s Raindrop, which the company calls an “open experiment in web messaging,” is that for many users, email is broken. Inboxes are flooded with useless information as botnets tighten their grip on the broadband infrastructure, alternative ways to send and view messages are proliferating, and it’s just difficult to stay on top of missives that matter.

    “Most of us receive messages from many online sources — email, instant messages, tweets, Facebook messages, links,” writes Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker on her blog. Raindrop is a new kind of message manager, capable of sifting and sorting messages in many ways. From its open-source core to the very problem it tries to solve — frustration over email glut — it will be important to many users. Here are four reasons why.

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