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links for 2009-10-30


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links for 2009-10-29

  • Neighbors for Neighbors operate neighborhood-centric community-generated social networks for each of Boston’s neighborhoods. They function as a springboard for action and provide tools for them to communicate and to organize around their common interests.

    City personnel like Neighborhood Coordinators and BPD Captains and Community Service Officers interact with members and help them solve problems and connect them to city resources.

  • …conference here to tell Federal employees why they ought to be using "Adobe PDF, and Adobe® Flash® technology" to make government more open. …They've even got a beautiful website set up to tout the government's use of Flash and PDF, and are holding a conference here next week to talk about how Government should use ubiquitous and secure technologies to make government more open and interactive.

    Here at the Sunlight Foundation, we spend a lot of time with Adobe's products– mainly trying to reverse the damage that these technologies create when government discloses information. The PDF file format, for instance, isn't particularly easily parsed. As ubiquitous as a PDF file is, often times they're non-parsable by software, unfindable by search engines, and unreliable if text is extracted.

  • These 19 tips, from easiest (and cheapest) to hardest, will help you save money by going green, this year and for years to come. Don't delay: Winter's coming, and lucrative federal tax incentives won't last forever.
  • our world just got smaller thanks to a speech-to-speech translation app for your iPhone. You talk in English-it talks back in Spanish. You talk in Spanish-it talks back in English. Simple as that. No data charges required–just your voice.
  • As part of a corporate sustainability strategy, there is a growing trend to engage employees on multiple levels, both at work and at home. More and more companies are providing their employees advice and tips on how to green their personal lives. But a key challenge is how to measure and track the benefits of these programs.

    AngelPoints, a provider of enterprise software solutions for employee engagement, has recently partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi S, the sustainability strategy firm that helped Wal-Mart create their Personal Sustainability Project (PSP) program, to create a new web-based platform to help make it easier to engage employees in sustainability and to track their progress.

  • Feeds. RSS. Atom. Syndication. Subscribers. These are some of the keywords floating around the web and have gained notorious prominence over the years. In this guide, we'll take a look at a number of things including what feeds are, why you need to have a feed for your site, how to set up one and then publish it.
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  • Mark Pilgrim
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links for 2009-10-28

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links for 2009-10-27

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links for 2009-10-26

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links for 2009-10-25

  • What’s important to remember in light of the launch of Mozilla’s Raindrop, which the company calls an “open experiment in web messaging,” is that for many users, email is broken. Inboxes are flooded with useless information as botnets tighten their grip on the broadband infrastructure, alternative ways to send and view messages are proliferating, and it’s just difficult to stay on top of missives that matter.

    “Most of us receive messages from many online sources — email, instant messages, tweets, Facebook messages, links,” writes Mozilla Chair Mitchell Baker on her blog. Raindrop is a new kind of message manager, capable of sifting and sorting messages in many ways. From its open-source core to the very problem it tries to solve — frustration over email glut — it will be important to many users. Here are four reasons why.

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links for 2009-10-23

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links for 2009-10-21

  • “People give their loyalty to those who give them security and opportunity,” she said.

    As for technology in government, she said that it should be used to make government more comprehensible, accessible and transparent.

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  • Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Social Networks
    The nearly mainstream social web is now evolving and graduating to mobile devices. This emerging space of mobile-based social networks are empowering customers to find the best venues and prices, and offering savvy companies unique ways to cater to this new medium. Yet, despite the emergence of applications like FourSquare, Yelp, and recently launched GoWalla, there are risks as customers talk directly to each other and opportunities for businesses who harness the tools. Local businesses should approach the mobile social networking space by first listening to their customers, responding to commenters, provide special offers to advocates, and prepare for pricing to be impacted.

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links for 2009-10-20

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links for 2009-10-19

  • There are lots of ways governments try to address complex issues. One of the more popular is to set up boards or commissions. The logic is pretty straightforward: Legislators simply don’t have the time to concentrate sufficiently on all the individual issues that require targeted attention. A commission can do that and out of the spotlight of politics. But some of these institutions aren’t particularly effective. What’s more, they cost money year in and year out. It’s kind of like buying a horse to pull a carriage: You have to feed the horse every day, even if he never actually comes into contact with a carriage.
  • Heather Armstrong had had enough. The mother of two had just spent $1,300 on a brand new Maytag washing machine to replace a rickety old one, only for the new model to faithfully conk out.

    After a repairman had made several visits to no avail, she resorted to calling a helpline, and got a wary customer service representative who wasn't helping. Armstrong, a little fed up at this point, finally said the magic words: "Do you know what Twitter is? Because I have over a million followers on Twitter."

    To the detriment of Maytag parent company Whirlpool, the rep said that she did and that it didn't matter, a sentiment that was echoed by her supervisor. Armstrong went straight to her keyboard. "I had exhausted all avenues and I had given them chance after chance to make it right," she says from her home in Utah, adding that she hoped "the right person would hear it and help me."

  • Creative Scotland will be a new organisation with creative practitioners at its heart: an organisation designed to listen to the needs of professional practitioners and use that intelligence in its role as advocate, champion, investor and broker. Over the next three months, we’ll be listening to your perspective on Creative Scotland’s four priorities: creative practitioners, accessibility, participation and international activity.
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