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links for 2009-09-22

  • Our goal at Dining With Sophie is to create a comprehensive list of dog friendly restaurants and shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Using Google Maps, we are plotting the location of restaurants that have outdoor seating areas where pets are welcome.
    (tags: travel dog)
  • Cool URIs don’t change, right? But uncool URLs certainly do. For over 7 years, I blogged at blisspix.net and as was the way at the time, my URL was both a handle and identity. Whenever I signed up for a new service, my username was always blisspix. Lately, this has become less popular. I’ve noticed a sharp trend towards using real names, whether on Twitter (where I’d estimate well more than half of those I follow use their real name or some version of it) and Facebook, where many I know who chose a vanity URL chose their own name, myself included. The concept of handles and nicks seems to be dying off. I’m glad I didn’t keep using handles from the IRC and chat days of my youth, but blisspix was not much of an improvement and finally, it is time for it to go. I would be interested to hear if anyone has researched this change.

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