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links for 2009-09-15

  • This week the snatching of Jessica Simpson's maltipoo Daisy by a coyote made headlines, a tragedy that took place just months after Ozzy Osborne's Little Bit was killed in a similar attack. Although these Hollywood losses made headlines, many other dogs are killed or go missing every day because of coyote attacks. As suburban areas encroach into traditional coyote territory, sadly more and more small dogs and cats fall victim to these wild animals who do what they must to survive. What can you do to protect your small pets?
    (tags: dog tip)
  • Postling offers a social media management tool which allows businesses to push content to a variety of social networks. The service is described as, “aim(ing) to be the best tool for small businesses to market, listen, and respond to their customers using social media.” One of the interesting things about Postling is that you can also post to blogs along with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. This should help Postling gain traction as you can really manage the full cycle of media.
  • Earlier today we covered the launch of Apps.gov, the U.S. Government’s attempt to “Go Google” by offering cloud-based web apps to its various agencies, including a suite of Google Apps. So perhaps it isn’t a surprise to hear that Google (Google) is also launching apps designed specifically for the public sector.

    The new product, Google Public Sector, is essentially a directory and information site that helps city, state, and national government agencies and organizations coordinate, promote, and work more efficiently.

  • Brian Ahier's views and information on Government 2.0, Health Information Technology and reforming our healthcare system.
  • Queensland commits to doubling the number of online services available.

    The Queensland Government has announced a five-year-plan to meet the expectations of the digitally native generation.

    The 'Toward Q2 through ICT' strategy will allow Queenslanders to conduct 50 percent of all government service interactions online by 2012, doubling the number of online services that are available currently.

    Twitter, blogs and other Web 2.0 technologies will play a role in the government's plan to involve Queenslanders in policy debates and consultations.


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