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links for 2009-09-12

  • Although many educators realize technology's enormous potential to help them differentiate their instruction so that all students can learn, regardless of students' needs, abilities, or learning styles, it might be hard for them to find concrete applications of this approach to emulate in their classrooms. But in a Jan. 28 webinar from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), experts provided several examples of classroom projects that can help all students learn while keeping them engaged.
  • When the H1N1 "swine" flu epidemic broke loose in late April 2009, Americans clamored for information about the disease and its potential impact in their communities. Many local governments turned to their own Web sites and other means of digital communication to disseminate information.

    But simply placing a notice on a Web page or sending an e-mail isn't always sufficient. How can local governments be sure to provide the information citizens want and need in a timely fashion? And more importantly, as there may be overlap among different government departments and agencies, how can local governments be sure their citizenry can find the information they seek without difficulty?

  • What a scenario: The federal government, according to a recent report, needs to hire as many as 11,000 IT professions within the next couple years, yet according to our readers, the government hiring process is bureaucratic to the point of being dysfunctional.

    Dozens of readers responded to a recent column by GCN’s Bill Jackson (“Do federal hiring processes discourage qualified applications?”). In the article, which also appeared on FCW.com, Bill relayed the story of a reader who has had no luck landing a government job despite being a certified security professional with 20 years of experience and security clearances from the departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

  • Business Week's (BW) article Telecommuting: Once a Perk, Now Necessity highlights the benefits of working remotely. In fact, some companies are mandating that employees work from home vs spending hours in the car each way for the daily commute. "The flexibility will cut costs and at the same time accommodate both loud talkers and hermits." writes BW author Michelle Conlin.

    Yet, HRRecruitingAlert.com reported that execs are resistant to the idea even though people are often more productive when working from home. A telecommuter, BW highlights in their article, Eve Gleb, said she inititally didn't know what to do with her extra time but now she goes for a walk and is more productive then when she is at the office. Another BW telecommuter, Grace Renteria, said "I only go into the office when I don't have a lot going on." (How that for a shift in perceptions about web commuting!)

  • The IBM Service Management Simulator is an immersive learning game where players learn through a variety of hands-on sessions, experiencing issues affecting service management and corporate profitability in a simulated, virtual organization.

    With each game session, the participants actively experience how practical process improvements can help operations meet service level agreement (SLA) targets and enhance overall corporate service management and profitability.


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