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links for 2009-09-05

  • Here's something you won't see mentioned, though: the main attraction of the cloud to investors and entrepreneurs is the idea of making money from you, on a recurring, perpetual basis, for something you currently get for a flat rate or for free without having to give up the money or privacy that cloud companies hope to leverage into fortunes.

    Since the rise of the commercial, civilian internet, investors have dreamed of a return to the high-profitability monopoly telecoms world that the hyper-competitive net annihilated. Investors loved its pay-per-minute model, a model that charged extra for every single "service," including trivialities such as Caller ID – remember when you had to pay extra to find out who was calling you? Imagine if your ISP tried to charge you for seeing the "FROM" line on your emails before you opened them!

  • Singularity University: The brainchild of the futurist Ray Kurzweil and his friend Peter Diamandis, the pioneer of personal space flight and founder of the X Prize Foundation, the Singularity University is meant to be a summer camp for people to learn about emerging technologies from the experts. It's a nine-week hothouse that allows a hand-picked selection of bright thinkers to get in cutting edge thinking from some of the world's most talented technologists.

    Over the summer, 40 students with diverse backgrounds – among them medicine, physics, computing and law – were brought together and given an intensive training course in the most important futuristic ideas. The ultimate objective? As its slogan says: "Preparing humanity for accelerating technological change."


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