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links for 2009-08-11

  • When nonprofit organizations build websites they spend loads of time and money on the design, the functionality and bells and whistles that are cool and fun to work on. But, in reality, as important as those things are, they aren’t what tend to make great non-profit websites. It’s about the content and how it’s written and sadly it’s usually the piece of a website that gets the least amount of attention. Remember, content is still king.
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  • Jakob Nielsen’s recently posted an extensive piece on Social Networking on Intranets that addressed adoption issues for enterprise 2.0. It is a summary of the key findings from a study of 14 companies in a much larger 168 page report. It begins with the subtitle, Ready or Not, Here Comes Enterprise 2.0, which sort of captures his approach. Jakob portrays enterprise 2.0 as something that younger workers are pushing on enterprises. If you go to0 slow you will lose good younger workers and if you go too fast you will run risks to overall corporate culture.

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