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links for 2009-08-04

  • As web designers and information architects, we often dismiss deep consideration of content when we design interactive experiences. By content I’m not only referring to the various forms of text (e.g., headers, body copy, error messages) but also imagery, graphics, and videos or audio that make up the full interactive experience.

    Sure, we have a sense of what content is available, and we’ve likely considered it to some extent when creating flows, wireframes, and prototypes. But the design artifacts that we create represent only part of the overall user experience that we’re designing. The content that sits inside of our design framework is often the final arbiter of success, yet we sometimes diminish it’s importance and separate ourselves from it. The more we separate our design activities from content development, the greater the risk of design failure.

  • Navigating the legal waters as you launch a business can be a perilous journey. Good attorneys are expensive and the temptation to cut corners and jump into product development is often a strong one.blind_justice.jpg

    Of course, giving in to that temptation can cost you dearly down the road, as initial team members move on and VCs come calling. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, a law firm specializing in start-ups, has put together an online ‘tool kit’ for entrepreneurs that includes a wide variety of legal documents, a library to assist founders with the terms and terminology found in legal papers and a network of individuals and events where they can learn business strategy.

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