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links for 2009-07-27

  • Great auteurs answer these questions about specific industries but they're broadly applicable to everything, including my favorite topic, creating Internet startups. There's a certain auteur aspect to it that translates precisely. It's a business, no doubt about it. But you have to appeal to people, even change people's lives — the way they think and act. You have to understand and communicate visually, spatially and emotionally with your audience.
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  • Summer's in full-swing and everyone's abuzz with their fabulous vacation plans. Have you failed on that organizational front? Are you murderously jealous of everyone's fabulous vacation plans? Don't be. There are tons of quick grab-your-stuff-and-go day escapes within an hour of the city. Here are four we love.

    Half Moon Bay

    It's just a half an hour outside of the city, but the dialed-down tempo of this surf town makes it seem leagues away. You've heard of a little spot called Mavericks, obviously, but if you're not up for channeling your inner Kelly Slater, head to Princeton Jetty, a wind-protected beginners beach (check out the surf report first though). If catching waves isn't your bag, take a stroll along the five-mile paved beach trail that winds its way to Pillar Point (where you can catch a view of Mavericks). Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and whales; this is a hotspot for marine activity. Need a bite? Grab a fish taco at the Flying Fish Grill.

  • Marc Andreessen posted over the weekend about how it was now possible to use Ning’s platform to build Facebook Apps. According to the pitch, using Ning for Facebook Apps provides the publisher with two primary advantages; 1) You don’t have to be a developer to inject content into Facebook; and 2) You can rely on Ning’s servers to handle any scaling issues that arise should your content go viral.
  • Accessibility is commonly touted via some text and a small hyperlink that leads to Section 508 at the bottom of a web page, a practice which upholds the spirit of the law. It usually reads something like this: “We are committed to making our site accessible and continue to test and modify the site for accessibility. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems accessing any of our content.” Some quick accessibility checks reveal that many site owners and developers consider the second part of that statement a convenient “get out of jail free” card.

    Developers sometimes think that using standards-based development principles, separating presentation and behavior via external CSS and DOM-based scripting techniques, and applying alt attributes to images creates Section 508 compliance. They don’t want to spend more effort on accessibility until they get feedback from users who have problems with the site.

  • When the social networking phenomenon began, many companies dealt with it by not dealing with it — they simply banned/blocked social networking sites on the company network. Like the U.S. government’s attempts at Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, that didn’t work so well. Today’s young workers have grown up with Internet access and come to the job with the expectation that they’ll have those resources at their disposal. If you deny them the ability to check their Facebook pages during lunchtime or tweet when they’re taking a coffee (or more likely, energy drink) break, they’ll find a way around it or leave to work for a company that has fewer restrictions.

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