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links for 2009-07-24

  • One of the themes cropping up again and again at this year’s Brainstorm technology conference is the pervasive use of social services like Facebook, and the frustration that while they dominate the consumer world, they aren’t quite right for large enterprises.

    Intel CIO Diane Bryant ticked off the advantages of sites like Facebook: the engagement, the opportunity for collaboration, how easy it is to discover what your friends find interesting and important. All those “social media” type things Bryant, says, would be useful within a company like Intel. Substitute friends for colleagues (and many people already do), and you get the idea.

    But Bryant is not about to unleash an unvarnished version of Facebook within her company, or hack together some version of the service to make it work. “Why isn’t there a social media application for the enterprise?” Bryant says. “There is a huge need, and there is nothing there.”

  • UK Government has just done to get tons of traffic is what Google did to make itself popular, what the BBC itself does to get tons of traffic and what almost every high-traffic website does.

    What the Government did was constantly promote its website using traditional media. The Chief Medical Officer has hardly been off the TV in the past few days, promising this web site. Every bulletin issued by the Department of Health has mentioned the web site, resulting in page after page of media coverage of this website. And where did the Government announce the opening of the website? On the web? No – the website was "launched" on TV.


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