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links for 2009-07-12

  • Some people believe that Twitter represents a general state of self-absorbed thoughtlessness in a culture drowning in pointless, irresponsible, self-indulgence and celebrity obsession. And they think it's stupid.

    In fact, almost everyone thinks it's stupid until they give it a good honest try. I certainly did, until I decided to give it one single week of attention in a limited professional context. That was several years ago now and my embrace of Twitter ended up being anything but limited. I wrote once that Twitter is paying my rent, because I get so many story leads, quotes and other valuable tidbits from it. This week three out of my last four articles here have been about Twitter and I am about to buy my first house.

  • His employer blocked access to Facebook, Gmail and other popular Internet sites. He had no wireless access for his laptop and often ran to a nearby cafe on work time so he could use its Wi-Fi connection to send large files.

    Sure, the barriers did what his employer intended: They stopped him and his colleagues from using work time to goof around online. But Tracy says the rules also got in the way of legitimate work he needed to do as a scientific analyst for a health care services company.

    "It was a constant battle between the people that saw technology as an advantage, and those that saw it as a hindrance," says the 27-year-old Chicagoan, who now works for a different company.

  • Changing methods of communication: Within Google, I'm sure the perception is that their public-facing communications are still very "Googley". Now, Google does an excellent job of maintaining and using an enormous number of official corporate blogs in dozens of languages for a rapidly-blossoming number of products and initiatives. But despite my admiration for that effort, and their commendable willingness to forgo the usual boring press releases, the way that the company communicates with the public has fundamentally changed, and not necessarily in a more human direction.
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