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links for 2009-07-06

  • If you run a small online business website or a personal site you will in most cases get sufficient web hosting through a shared hosting plan. This is without a doubt the most popular form of web hosting today and one good reason for this is the fact that you will get strong and reliable hosting for only a couple of dollars per month. When searching for a web host that is providing shared hosting there are a few things that you should look for in advance. Make sure that you will get enough disk space, bandwidth and that they do not suffer from poor uptime. The uptime can be checked via an online uptime monitor.
  • With YouTube and other video sites serving up over a billion streams a day, it’s beyond contention that web-based video is not only mainstream, but has become fundamental to the web experience. Why, then, is a huge majority of web video in a wrapped in a proprietary Flash candy coating — essentially making Adobe the gatekeeper of video content? It’s worked okay so far, but it’s hardly a fertile ground for innovation, not to mention the fact that Flash is a real dog on OS X and any kind mobile browser (if it’s even supported).

    The next iteration of HTML standards is poised to introduce a <video> standard, putting moving images in the same natively-viewed category as images and text.

    (tags: flash Video)
  • Wood and modern design are too rarely found together when it comes to interior and furniture design, the classic material judged to clash with clean modern lines. These all-wood modernist rectangular and round extending tables, however, transform and expand with technological ease but have the natural visual variety associated with powerfully grained hardwoods. They extend extra dining space with hi-tech grace but traditional beauty, expanding to accommodate additional visitors.

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