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links for 2009-07-04

  • In case of fire, do not twitter.
  • Why an Ideas Festival?
    For nearly 60 years the Aspen Institute has been the nation’s premier place for leaders from around the globe to explore timeless ideas and the toughest challenges of their day. Since 1857, The Atlantic magazine has shaped the national debate on the defining issues of our times. Together, we’re working to touch as many people as we can to create a “public commons” for the 21st century, where a diverse group of intellectually curious people can gather to talk, listen, debate, question, and learn what they can do to make our world — and our children’s world — a better place.

    Divided into two overlapping four-day sessions, the Aspen Ideas Festival offers a breathtaking array of lectures, presentations, debates, and panel discussions by leading thinkers who span a vast range of critical topics, from the economy to the environment, from science to the arts.

    (tags: ideas)

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