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links for 2009-06-03

  • This article provides a basic overview of using Flash Media Server, Flash Media Live Encoder, and either Flash CS3 Professional or Dreamweaver CS3 to create a live web broadcasting application.
  • Now the CIO has to manage to a new goal–to save the planet.

    This is quite the honorable goal and much broader than streamlining TPS reports. Simply put, technology must now do more than deliver dollar savings and productivity gains–it must deliver on reducing organizational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Technology managers must now maximize productivity and energy efficiency with their limited budgets. No longer are bus passes or recycle bins acceptable as proof of an environmental commitment.

    (tags: green IT cio goals)
  • "I believe there are six reasons why Wave is going to have a huge impact on you. However, this is all predicated on mass adoption of the technology. If no-one uses it, then obviously it won’t have a world-changing affect. However, I strongly believe Wave is going to achieve mass adoption for these reasons:

    1. Google has the world-wide audience necessary.
    2. Google has the cash in order to market Wave and promote its benefits.
    3. There is a huge financial benefit to working more efficiently. People who use Wave will be able to work faster, thus leaving behind those that stick to good-ol-fashion SMTP email…."

  • June 2009: Women in Open Source: includes Lessons on Community Management from the Open Source World
  • Peter Abrahams reviews HiSoftware's Compliance Sherriff, an automated WCAG2 tester.
    "Any successful web site is in a continual state of flux. New content, new functions, changes to the structure of the site and even changes to the supporting infrastructure occur on a daily, if not second-by-second, basis.

    For the users and the marketeers this continual change is seen as a major benefit of web technology. But for anyone concerned about ensuring that a web site is compliant, and in particular accessible, the changes to the site and its environment create a challenge. Audits, automated tests, manual inspections and user testing are all excellent methods of checking for compliance. They can ensure that the site is compliant at the time of the check. However, any subsequent change may make the site non-compliant; after one month the probability is that the site will not be compliant, any longer and the number of changes will ensure that the site is non-compliant."

  • Video For Everybody is very simply a chunk of HTML code that embeds a video into a website using the HTML5 <video> element which offers native playback in Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 & 4:
  • Basically, what we found is that Firefox tends to eat a lot of RAM in exchange for quicker launching and handling of the browser. It's a pretty steep trade-off, and for those of us with tons of RAM and a broadband connection usually end up seeing no difference or at times, even slower performance than if these restrictions weren't enabled by default.
  • n this post, I’ve pulled together a very comprehensive collection of tutorials, advice, resources, tips and tools to help you use Delicious to enhance your marketing, research and other business objectives. There’s a special section just for marketers.

    You can visit my Delicious account and join my network on Delicious to tap into my social bookmarking activity. If you like this post, be sure to bookmark it on Delicious!

  • Federal procurement laws that dictate how the government selects software predate the rise of Web 2.0 technologies. Congress passed the Competition in Contracting Act in 1984, which requires “full and open” competition for all software and other governmental purchases. These regulations, which require a formal bidding process before selecting any new service, do not appear to apply to free Web 2.0 technologies. Yet they do highlight important considerations for the federal government, which will not want to show favoritism for any one service over another, and will need to comply to the extent possible with privacy, security, accessibility, and other regulations.

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