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links for 2009-05-25

  • The goal of our garden is to enlighten our visitors to the beauty of California native plants, illustrate how they can be used in the home garden, show how to attract wildlife and beneficial insects, and educate them about the many medicinal, cultural and edible aspects used by the local Native Americans. By doing so, we are also contributing to the beautification of a community resource, the formerly neglected Old City Cemetery.
  • volunteer at the SacValley CNPS Native Plant Demonstration Garden at Sacramento City Cemetery.
  • The Digital Government Society makes available to members and non-members version 5.0 (May 2009) of the E-Government Master Library in EndNote TM (Version X2) XML format or a Package Version in ZIP format.

    The library currently contains 3,090 references of predominantly English language, peer-reviewed work. The library has been cleaned, and some 300 references were removed, since they did not meet the inclusion criteria or were undetected duplicates. The library now contains 3,090 entries, a net increase of 21.79 % over version 3.2 (July 2008). We continued detecting older work, which has been added. Also, 345 entries (11.16 %) published in 2008 were included.

  • .htaccess, the file which control the Apache webserver, is very useful and allows you to do a lot of things. In this article, let’s see how .htaccess can help you with your WordPress blog, for both security,functionnality and usability.
  • arie Brennan’s IN ASHES LIE is out next month from Orbit (US | UK). In the meantime, she’s releasing an ebook of a new novella set in the same world. Best of all, it’s totally free (although you can donate if you’d like) and it’s available in HTML, Epub, and PDF.
  • We’re interviewing California Governor & actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and asking the most popular questions as submitted and voted upon by you live from the Capital Building in Sacramento, CA. From now until Tuesday, May 26th at 12:00pm PDT, you can submit and Digg up questions to decide which will be asked. The full interview will be posted here and on CNN.com shortly afterwards.

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