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links for 2009-05-09

  • At the last count there were more than 10,000 food blogs online around the world with more being started every day. There are blogs in every country and covering every cuisine. There are blogs about home cooking and blogs about fine dining, blogs about rare wine and blogs about home-brewed beers. There is even a blog dedicated to the humble hot dog.

    If it can be cooked and consumed someone is blogging about it.

    However, for every food blogger who offers up a genuine challenge to the professional critics, there are 10 who don’t know their amuse bouche from their petit fours.

    Working your way through them can be a laborious task, but I have done it so you don’t have to. Here are my top 10 favourite food blogs.

  • Scientists predict that the biggest change in California from climate change this century will be an "alarming, increasing trend" in fire frequency between now and 2085. Acreage burned by fires is expected to increase by between 57 and 169 percent, according to a statistical model of the relationship between fires and climate conditions in California.
  • I’ve been given a heads-up that one of the Internet Explorer vulnerabilities being fixed is the musty old Safari-to-IE carpet bombing blended threat that combined flaws in two browsers into a code execution attack.

    The IE flaw was originally discovered and reported by Aviv Raff back in November 2006 (more than two years ago!) but was ignored by Microsoft until the Safari carpet-bombing bug emerged to show how a combo-attack could lead to complete PC takeover.

  • Exactly one month after malicious hackers started using rigged PowerPoint files to launch targeted attacks, Microsoft announced plans to ship a “critical” bulletin affecting its flagship presentation program.

    The PowerPoint update is the only bulletin scheduled for this month’s Patch Tuesday on May 12, 2009 . It is rated “critical” (remote code execution) for all supported versions of Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 through 2007.


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