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links for 2009-04-04

  • CWodtke
  • Washington, DC just hosted an amazing unconference – the Gov 2.0 Camp. It was held at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Georgetown (Washington, DC) on 3/27 and 3/28/09.
  • Delicious founder Joshua Schachter says that URL shorteners like TinyURL are a bad idea, because they make the web more fragile, dependent on the shortener services as central points of failure. They also assist spammers, undermine googlejuice, and expose users to security vulnerabilities.
  • The economic downturn is hitting the legal world hard. American Lawyer is calling it “the fire this time” and warning that big firms may be hurtling toward “a paradigm-shifting, blood-in-the-suites” future. The Law Shucks blog has a “layoff tracker,” and it is grim reading. Top firms are rapidly thinning their ranks, and several — including Heller Ehrman, a venerable 500-plus-lawyer firm founded in 1890 — have closed.

    The employment pains of the legal elite may not elicit a lot of sympathy in the broader context of the recession, but a lot of hard-working lawyers have been blindsided, including young associates who are suddenly finding themselves with six-figure student-loan debts and no source of income.

  • This site serves as a resource for people inside organizations big and small who are tasked with buying Social Media technology, services and advertising. As an extension of the Social Media Club mission to share lessons learned, it is our desire that this site helps you avoid the mistakes of your peers while learning from their successes.
  • Toast needn’t be just a breakfast thing. If you’ve got a loaf of wholesome bread on hand, you’ve got the makings of a quick, simple, healthy supper. Cut thick slices, toast them lightly, rub them with a cut clove of garlic, brush with olive oil and then pile something on top. That something can be as simple as the vegetable soup or ratatouille left over from last night’s dinner — not enough for a real portion on its own, but too good to throw out. Or the topping can be something you make from scratch, like today’s recipe for scrambled eggs with asparagus.
  • Solar cells transform sunlight into electrical energy – requires no electrical connections.
    Runs on solar cells that transform sunlight into electricity; helps you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint.
    LED consumes 70% less energy and has at least 4 times longer life than incandescent bulbs in similar decorative lighting.

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