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links for 2009-03-24

  • Burton Group principal analyst Mike Gotta recently published the first of six parts of his Enterprise Social Networks Field Research Study. The study aims to determine whether or not social networking has reached critical mass within the enterprise or if the concept is merely buzz.

    The first report in the series, Social Networking within the Enterprise, revealed that many organizations have yet to make a decision on social networking tools and those organizations who have embarked on researching social networking tools are in very early stages of deployment.

    According to Gotta the enterprises with which he and his research team spoke were most interested in enterprise social networking metrics and uses cases. And, no matter how enthusiastic the decision-maker was about a social networking deployment, there was always a nagging doubt about effectiveness and results.

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  • Every vegetarian knows that eating out can be a difficult task. VegOut makes this task easier by providing you with the world's largest international listing of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants at your finger tips. Restaurant listings can be found by your exact location or a custom location if you're planning to travel.
  • Humanity needs a bright green future, a future that transforms our collapsing system through innovation, creativity and caring, and finds a new path towards democracy, peace and a sustainable prosperity that can be shared by all.

    That future is not a pipe dream. That future is the last best hope of humanity. Seeking that future is what we do every day.

    If Worldchanging was alone in seeking that future, things would be grim indeed. But we're not. We're part of an evolving ecosystem of thinkers, teachers, scientists, business people, journalists, designers, social entrepreneurs and public servants who are learning from each other as rapidly as possible how to thrive in the 21st century.


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