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links for 2009-03-12

  • US CIO: "when I talk about modern [society] being powered by technology, we also need to recognize that we need to secure it. As you know, the president has charged Melissa Hathaway to conduct a 60-day review of security across the United States – not just limited to the federal government but the public and private sectors because we recognize that the majority of the infrastructure is in the private sector anyway."
  • Take Advantage of Open-Source Tools and Improve Software License Management
  • Thank you for including "Question: So, what makes you an expert?"
    I was a Twitter early adopter in early 2007 and currently have over 35,000 followers. I’ve been quoted in Forbes, CIO Magazine Zdnet, CEOs told BusinessWeek they follow me, featured in the upcoming TwitterVille book, and I help the world’s largest brands try to understand social tools like Twitter. I’ve met with Twitter executive team, review products by third party developers, and use the tools. I’ve experimented with advertising, research, marketing, events, and have organized tweetups with hundreds of attendees around the globe. In fact, I’m officially an industry analyst at Forrester Research covering Twitter and other social technologies, this is actually part of my day job. (yes, I get paid to be a Twitter expert)

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