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links for 2009-03-10

  • We've reviewed a number of collaboration tools including Canadian-based ConceptShare and Scotland-based Colaab. Today I took a look at Argentinian-based CreationFlow. CreationFlow is a Flash-based collaboration and project management suite.

    You setup tasks inside of projects and then assign users to the tasks. The users can create reviews which is where you can draw (as shown below) to add notes to a review. I found the service a bit more difficult to get comfortable with than ConceptShare/Colaab, but once I got the hang of it, it is well designed. You can also switch the language to Spanish.

    CreationFlow is more than just "stick up an image and get feedback" – it's more like a team-based visual project management tool. It would work well for design agencies and other teams where client reviews are needed to approve tasks to continue with a project. I like the tracking component which makes it easy to confirm that a user accepted a design or other piece of creative.

  • How do you learn to be a Program Manager? Mostly, becoming a program manager is about learning: learning about technology, learning about people, and learning how to be effective in a political organization. A good program manager combines an engineer’s approach to designing technology with a politician’s ability to build consensus and bring people together. While you’re working on that, though, there are a few books you should read:

    As far as I can tell, Scott Berkun’s book Making Things Happen is the only book that’s been written that pretty much covers exactly what a program manager has to do, so start with that.

  • Proposals for presentations due April 28, 2009. “But the task of reinventing government is too important to be left solely to the government. Gov 2.0 Summit, a new government technology conference co-produced by O’Reilly Media and TechWeb, capitalizes on the momentum for change and broad engagement, creating a non-partisan forum for addressing the monumental challenges our nation faces. Gov 2.0 Summit is a place for technologists to rise to the call of public service, offering up their internet expertise to its best and highest purpose. Gov 2.0 Summit will bring together policy-makers, elected officials, upper management in city, state, and federal agencies, technology leadership in all levels of government, private-sector internet business leaders, contractors, and consultants to establish high-level thought leadership across the spectrum of stake-holders.”

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