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links for 2009-03-09

  • California State Sen. Joe Simitian, the man responsible in large part for the nation's first data-breach notification law, has introduced new legislation that would require companies doing business in the the state to provide more information in their breach notification letters to consumers, and to send simultaneous notices to state authorities. Simitian, speaking at the Security Breach Notification symposium in Berkeley, said the new legislation would force organizations that are breached to admit the extent of the compromise, and to provide consumers with enough information to determine on their own whether they face a risk of harm.
  • With the financial meltdown, newly discovered Ponzi schemes, and other problems, the question of how transparent various institutions have been comes up. We are "just finding out" what has been going on for a long time. Heretofore unexplored interdependencies have reared their ugly heads. People ask, "Why didn't we know? What should we do so this won't happen again?"

    I think that we need to refine our understanding of what it means to be transparent. The classic definition in finance is about disclosing information, and providing accurate, non-fraudulent reports.

    In today's world people expect, and need, more. Reports are too static and too anticipatory. Today, to be transparent means that you are providing data in such a way that anybody with access can drill down on the data and ask unanticipated questions. They should be able to explore interrelationships that were not thought of by those that provide the data.

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  • It forces all companies and organizations in the public domain to take a much more collaborative approach than any previous technology revolution. The more actively involved companies are, the more transparent they become.
  • Because I didn't want to shift to just any tool, I decided to take the analytical approach and do a comparison.
  • Project goal is to organize and build our growing graphic design community by creating the Mozilla Creative Collective – a centralized hub where designers can post and share work, and where other community members can request design help for their own projects.

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