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links for 2009-02-24

  • In some cases, though, modern businesses struggle with the idea that being social has a business benefit. Taylorist management practices in particular only focus on those things that are measurable and directly associated with the task rather than understanding whether or not social interaction is of benefit to the task at hand. The result is seen in many modern managers who believe that their employees need to be busy and not wasting time (where wasting time equals socialising). Particularly, this attitude has impacted on the adoption of social media within the enterprise because networking with peers and colleagues through Facebook, for example, is believed to be time-wasting and of very little actual value to “busy work”.
  • Beth Kanter
  • Remember high school? Confidence seemed like a commodity back then: something that came along with the right sneakers or was thrown in free with a party invitation. While it often wasn’t quite within your grasp, it felt within reach. One day we would acquire it with a serendipitous purchase or accomplishment, and then it would be ours forever. Somewhere in the years following high school, we begin to realize that confidence can’t be purchased or manipulated quite so easily as we once imagined. Often it happens we get everything we once wished for and find there’s no confetti parade waiting to congratulate us. In the end, confidence seems to come down to one question: do you provide value to the world around you?
    (tags: value)
  • First a definition, a hyperlocavore tries to eat as much food as close to home as possible, in order to reduce the food miles that his food travels. It is an extension of the term locavore. A locavore typically tries to eat seasonally within 100 miles of her home, to reduce food miles and to develop the local economic base. A hyperlocavore therefore wants to bring food even closer. And what’s closer than your neighborhood? We have a time crunch, we have land and property that is loosing value fast, we have kids who don’t know where their food comes from, and we have a climate crisis.

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