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links for 2009-02-22

  • During the morning I sat where I could photo better. Event resources posted at http://compostmodern.org
  • With mobility having transformed from novelty to necessity, millions of Web sites are being optimized to better serve users who access them via mobile devices. The mobile devices people use to access these sites are also changing. Laptops and tablet PCs remain common, but more than ever, people are surfing the Web on their smartphones, using preinstalled mobile-browser software. In many cases, this software is proprietary, and depending on a user's network or location, Web browsing speeds can vary wildly. Michigan and Texas have A+ rating; CA received a B+.
  • Although this can be argued both ways, I’ve seen both instances where it was logo designers responsibility to provide the proper deliverables or the client was using an improper method of creating their logo.

    Below is a list of deliverables you should be giving your clients and what clients should be getting from their logo designer.

  • I found the text below in the book, Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO– by Gerald I. Kendall, PMP and Steven C. Rollins, PMP. The book is an excellent resource for the seasoned project manager looking to move his or her Project Management Office to the next level.
  • Some recent studies on social media and social networking use and baby boomers show that more and more are adopting social media. It may be mean rethinking multi-channel campaigns, particularly use of direct mail as Allyson Kapin writes on the Frog Loop blog. It also means getting passed automatically dismissing a social media/networking strategy because "its for young folks."
  • For over a decade, many of the world's largest corporations have produced voluntary environmental and sustainability reports. The most common reason has been to assure stakeholders–employees, investors, customers–that the company takes environmental and social matters seriously and acts responsibly. Sustainability is about people: How to foster a robust workforce and strong communities. Sustainability addresses innovation: How to spark it, nurture it, and protect it. Sustainability focuses on values: Inspired by faith, family, personal commitment… on the built environment and on markets. And Sustainability is also about natural resources: How to use, renew, and account for environmental capital. Immediately below are portals for sustainability reports on multinational companies followed by links for sustainability reports for companies with locations in Michigan.
  • Conduct Our Business Responsibly
    Being a responsible business has been part of our corporate culture and strategy since our founding in 1982. We examine our own sustainability efforts as they relate to corporate governance and business ethics, employee practices, community investment, and public policy.

    Optimize the Environmental Impact of Our Operations
    Autodesk has an established environmental policy, an environmental management system, and a governance model that integrates environmental impact considerations into business decisions across the company.

  • Sustainability Downloads 2008 Sustainability Report
    Sustainability Report Archives
    Our Values and Policies
    Supplier Relations Guidelines
    P&G Political Activities
    Sustainability FAQ
  • As a corporate citizen, we've made the community agenda our business agenda. Explore the core values and goals behind our commitment to 'Performance with Purpose'.
  • Certain travel situations–traveling with a netbook rather than a full-powered laptop, or finding a cyber-cafe with a fast connection but sluggish operating system–call for online video tools. Here’s an overview.

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