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links for 2009-02-20

  • Available Twitter Feeds: Advisories to County Elections Officials; Ballot Measure Updates;
    News Updates from California Secretary of State Debra Bowen; Voting Systems Announcements; All Secretary of State Twitter Feeds
  • Join Government Technology, the Center for Digital Government and Microsoft for a common sense discussion on Cloud Computing.
    Change is in the air and in the face of tremendous cost cutting measures, government needs to find pragmatic ways to re-tool the infrastructure so public sector agencies can dramatically save money, AND engage with local citizens when they are in the home, on the road and in the workplace.

    At this informative webinar you will learn about:

    * How to better understand the pragmatic and bold vision for cloud-based computing, enabling you to harness your existing on-premise infrastructure with Internet-based services to create solutions reaching your citizens’ PC, phone and PDA

  • In Internet-speak, a "mashup" is a web application that integrates two or more kinds of information into a new, useful resource. Mashups often use interactive maps to pinpoint various content (data, text, images, even videos) associated with a specific location.

    Newspapers have started to "geocode" their stories to help readers browse the news closest to their homes. The Bee, for example, maps articles refering to places in the region. You can zoom in for a close look at your neighborhood and you can set the time period from a minimum of one week to a maximum of six months.

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  • Charles Phan's newest addition brings San Francisco a combination of Noodle Shop and Restaurant/Lounge in the SoMa grand. We welcome reservations for our dining room and accomodate walk-ins in our Noodle Shop and Lounge on a first come first served basis. Feel free to stop by without a reservation and we will do our best to seat you!
  • You're an article writer, working on a way to explain Twitter to beginners. It doesn't seem to matter how clearly you explain what Twitter does or how it works, most people just don't get it. They stare blankly… why should anybody care what I'm doing? they ask, one after the other. You tell them that's not what it's about, that it can be used to share all kinds of things from special offers to links. Still they stay glazed over.
  • With Obama in the President’s seat now, and therefore many new people coming into the government, they now have an opportunity to revisit their presence on the web and explore the possibilities of getting the American people more interested and more informed about what their government is doing. At the Sunlight Foundation we decided to spend a little time thinking about these challenges and came up with a short design exercise that will hopefully get people thinking in that direction.
  • Technology moves fast, which means many capable gadgets go from daily use to trash heap fairly quickly. Unfortunately, many of the components inside of gadgets like monitors, MP3 players and printers are extremely toxic and bad for the environment. While we might have our own ways of recycling old computers, sometimes a gadget has lived through its life cycle. Fortunately, there are many resources for responsibly recycling gadgets, and in some cases you can walk away with extra cash.

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