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links for 2009-02-19

  • As I left, friend Kevin Marks showed me the equipment store where Googlers can just swipe an employee card and pick up a cable or a power adapter or a laptop case: no requisition forms and bureaucrats to go through. They just make it work. He came over on one of the bikes that are scattered across campus and rescattered each night. The famous free food keeps people on campus working. My book talk was organized, I was amazed to learn, by volunteers who manage visits by filmmakers, musicians, authors, and now green leaders. One of the volunteers works hard on the visits, so he comes in on weekends to handle more tickets. Another volunteer told me over lunch – a damned fine burrito – that since he arrived at Google from college six months ago, Google has been teaching him coding; he said the assumption is that if you need to know how to do something, you take a course or go find someone who can teach you.
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  • Technical women face challenges, from institutionalized bias to differences in communication styles to a lack of female role models. Developed in collaboration with the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Mentoring-in-a-Box: Technical Women at Work helps women excel in the technical professions and advance to positions of leadership.
  • “If I had to characterize one quality as the genius of female thought, culture and action, it would be the connectivity.” — Robin Morgan It’s a recurring theme on the anitaborg.org website and at ABI events that when you build a network based on mutual benefit, everybody wins. For technical women, who often don’t study or work in the most supportive of environments, connecting online can provide a powerful support system. The more than 3,000 members of our Systers email listserv have been demonstrating that since 1987. But in today’s turbulent economy and strained job market, building and nurturing your professional network is more critical than ever. That’s why today’s savviest networkers are using a combination of Web 2.0 tools to supplement face-to-face contacts and email lists. Here are a few online communities that the Anita Borg Institute is actively using to help the sisterhood of technical women connect with and support each other.
  • "Ask the Secretary" is a new online interactive forum that can allow you to connect with Secretary Clinton directly. While Secretary Clinton travels across the world, you can submit your questions for her using this form. Ask the Secretary your questions now about her travel to Asia. Secretary Clinton will select various questions to answer, and they will be posted to http://www.state.gov.
  • This page includes people and agencies of the U.S. government, organized according to the executive branch, legislative branch, and related sections.

    Other resources include:

    1. Congresspedia for detailed information on members of Congress
    2. Bearingpoint has a web directory and a Twitter account @GovTwit that encompasses federal, state, and local


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