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links for 2009-02-18

  • The mission of the eGovernment Interest Group (eGov IG) is to explore how to improve access to government through better use of the Web and achieve better government transparency using open Web standards at any government level (local, state, national and multi-national). The eGov IG is designed as a forum to support researchers, developers, solution providers, and users of government services that use the Web as the delivery channel, and enable broader collaboration across eGov practitioners.
  • Edward Tufte: sculpture It is called "Larkin's Twig" because several years ago Graham Larkin, then a graduate student in Art History at Harvard and now a Fellow at Stanford, worked as my intellectual assistant, teaching me some art history and providing materials to read and think about in a kind of correspondence course and tutorial. When Graham came to visit, he would bring a little something each time, such as a book or, once, a beautiful twig about 12 inches high with a very nice natural geometry and graceful, but not mechanically graceful, curves. For years, Larkin's twig sat in an honored place in our library and then in our kitchen. Why not make the twig 32 times bigger? How will it scale up?
  • Technologies known collectively as Web 2.0 have spread widely among consumers over the past five years. Social-networking Web sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, now attract more than 100 million visitors a month. As the popularity of Web 2.0 has grown, companies have noted the intense consumer engagement and creativity surrounding these technologies. Many organizations, keen to harness Web 2.0 internally, are experimenting with the tools or deploying them on a trial basis.
  • The values and skills that Net Geners bring to the workplace are different from older generations because young employees grew up immersed in digital technologies. These differences are particularly acute within the IT industry.
    …Many baby-boomer retirees are being forced back into the job market as the financial crisis wreaks havoc with their pensions.

    On the one hand, companies like IT veterans for their work ethic, experience and institutional memory. But young employees bring new skills. “There’s a lot of new technology — like agile software development and open source — that young kids have picked up, whereas some of the older folks are still working on migrating,” says Jeff Schuster, a recruiter at IT consulting company Halo Group LLC.

  • 'You do,' someone once said, 'a very good impression of yourself.' Self-invented people are the most interesting ones of all. Believe me, I know. Technically, you and I are much the same: 96.2 per cent organic elements, including water, the proteins of RNA and DNA, lipids and sugars. Then there's oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, calcium, sulphur and traces of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, tin and zinc. The difference is in the intangibles of the personality we create for ourselves.
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