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links for 2009-02-17

  • The traffic looks low, but bear in mind these numbers represent each island's weekly average. Total visits on any given week may be considerably more. "[T]here is a large difference between the average number of visitors during a day and the number of unique visitors (during a day/week/month)", Platini tells me. To gather this data, the Metaverse Business bot "bot counts every hour the number of 'green dots' at a number of selected sims/regions. The bot never visits those regions, but retrieves the data from the SL map."
  • When it comes to older employees and their younger bosses, it's more than just age and technology — it can be a cultural divide, says Lisa Orrell, a generation relations expert and the author of Millennials Incorporated. Millennials are people born in 1980 or later, also known as Generation Y.

    "What's happening is all of a sudden you're 53 years old and you've got a 28-year-old manager, and the millennials are very, very, very different," Orrell says.

    They've grown up with the Internet and love to communicate. At the same time younger people are coming into management, Orrell says, many baby boomers are delaying retirement.

    Her advice to older employees: "They have got to be a heck of a lot more flexible than they've been."

    Orrell has suggestions for younger workers, too. They should respect the experience of their elders and be willing to teach them about things like text messaging, Facebook and Twitter.


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