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links for 2009-02-16

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  • Green IT is clearly an idea whose time has come. With rising energy costs and growing concern over climate change, who wouldn't want to make IT more Earth-friendly? Less clear, however, is whether the economics of green IT can work for CIOs. That's especially true for the CIOs in businesses that must balance demand for greater social responsibility with the need to show growing sales and profits.

    Similarly, which changes in IT gear or data center design, for instance, provide the biggest environmental ROI in the shortest period of time? How should a company go about crafting a green IT strategy? "It sounds simple, but there's still a big gap between strategy and implementation," says Miles Kelly, VP of strategy at 365 Main Inc., a San Francisco-based data center developer and operator.

  • nline video has a lot of promise. It offers what was once limited to expensive TV advertising: reach and emotional engagement with potential customers. And, it’s relatively cheap and provides immediate, measurable feedback.

    Even with these strong benefits, most agree that the video opportunity has yet to be fully realized. Companies struggle to best make use of this new medium, and have found that porting television-style advertising to the Web is regularly rejected by the online audience. Thirty-second pre-roll, crazy user-generated ads, and the hunt for viral ads are all a hangover from the old TV world, still hunting for mass appeal without satisfying the demand for relevance of today’s online world.

    It’s important to recognize that the Internet and television deliver two completely different video experiences.

  • We've developed a Google Desktop gadget for Windows XP and Vista that helps you save energy by minimizing your PC's power consumption when it's not actively in use. The Energy Saver gadget will automatically enable and optimize your Windows power settings to EPA recommended standards. It will also show you how much energy you've saved – and how much energy everyone who is using the gadget has saved collectively.
  • Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Hundreds of millions of users access our services through the web, and supporting this traffic requires lots of computers. We strive to offer great internet services while taking our energy use very seriously. That's why, almost a decade ago, we started our efforts to make our computing infrastructure as sustainable as possible. Today we are operating what we believe to be the world's most efficient data centers.
  • Queen Univ. Belfast. Aim: To raise awareness of environmental issues amongst staff and provide practical guidance on how to reduce the University’s impact on the environment

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