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links for 2009-02-15

  • "We're going to do this with unprecedented transparency and accountability."

    That's what President Obama said when we spoke of how the Administration must in this video (also embedded below). Of course this isn't a new refrain, the President spoke of these things throughout his campaign.

    To that end talks about the creation of a Cabinet-level position responsible for oversight of spending and ensuring money is "being spent wisely." But he doesn't stop there. President Obama then engages his constituents and invites everyone to keep a watchful eye.

    As of my writing this, the site is not yet live because the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is burbling its way through Congress. But if the execution on-line to-date is any measure, I have no doubt it will go live, on time with a full set of functionality.

  • The list of web-based services, open source, free programs, and social media tools for today’s businesses is impressive, but incomplete.
  • Crossing the Chasm reference
  • A Christian schoolteacher from Roseville (Placer County) who takes the Bible literally says a UC Berkeley Web site about evolution is unconstitutional, like a cross in a public park.

    The Web site, "Understanding Evolution," is supported by government funds and violates the constitutional separation of church and state, according to the suit by Jeanne Caldwell.
    Rebuffed by lower courts, she has appealed to the nation's highest court, and UC joined the battle this week, saying in its response that the Internet is not like a park and that, in fact, Caldwell has no right even to file the suit.

  • Audio is a very important consideration when producing video files, whether they are produced with stock in mind, or for a blockbuster. Unfortunately audio is too often forgotten or given little priority when shooting video. No matter how dazzling the moving picture is, crappy audio will always devalue it.

    With the advent of iStockAudio, we thought this would be a great time to address some of the issues around recording sound for video, and set some standards that will keep our collection at the top of the stock world.

    First one must consider the audio source material that needs to be recorded. This is the first step in setting up your audio recording session. In this article we will be discussing how to capture three different types of audio sources.

    1. Vocal Narration
    2. On-Camera Dialogue
    3. On-Camera Environments

  • William Gibson is a fan of The Avalanches.
  • Includes Troy's Outlook Attachment Reminder, a VBScript that checks messages for the word "attach" and its variations and then looks for a certain number of attachments. No attachments present? A little pop-up asks if you're sure you didn't forget something. Small, helpful, and great at keeping your e-name in good standing.
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