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links for 2009-02-12

  • Later today at the LA Twiistup event, the makers of Twitter-for-business application Yammer will announce a new, hosted version of its software that will enable companies to install it inside their corporate firewall.
    This was an inevitable move for the venture-backed startup to make if it wanted to expand its reach to larger companies who have security policies in place that would prevent users from communicating via the internet (something the normal SaaS version requires).

    Customers will be able to switch back and forth from the SaaS version to the hosted one, since Yammer promises to transfer network information between both versions upon request. Pricing is $12 per seat per year, although the company says it will change its pricing according to the size and scope of its customers. The Yammer software can be installed on top of existing infrastructure and comes with a licensing agreement and support contract.

  • The Business Environmental Resource Center (BERC) was established in 1993 as a one-stop, non-regulatory Permit Assistance Center to help Sacramento County Businesses understand and comply with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
  • Convening a trans-partisan tribe of open government advocates from all walks ā€” government representatives, technologists, developers, ngos, wonks & activists ā€” to share knowledge on how to use new technologies to make our government transparent and meaningfully accessible to the public.
  • Work in Progress

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