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links for 2009-02-27


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links for 2009-02-26

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links for 2009-02-25

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links for 2009-02-24

  • In some cases, though, modern businesses struggle with the idea that being social has a business benefit. Taylorist management practices in particular only focus on those things that are measurable and directly associated with the task rather than understanding whether or not social interaction is of benefit to the task at hand. The result is seen in many modern managers who believe that their employees need to be busy and not wasting time (where wasting time equals socialising). Particularly, this attitude has impacted on the adoption of social media within the enterprise because networking with peers and colleagues through Facebook, for example, is believed to be time-wasting and of very little actual value to “busy work”.
  • Beth Kanter
  • Remember high school? Confidence seemed like a commodity back then: something that came along with the right sneakers or was thrown in free with a party invitation. While it often wasn’t quite within your grasp, it felt within reach. One day we would acquire it with a serendipitous purchase or accomplishment, and then it would be ours forever. Somewhere in the years following high school, we begin to realize that confidence can’t be purchased or manipulated quite so easily as we once imagined. Often it happens we get everything we once wished for and find there’s no confetti parade waiting to congratulate us. In the end, confidence seems to come down to one question: do you provide value to the world around you?
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  • First a definition, a hyperlocavore tries to eat as much food as close to home as possible, in order to reduce the food miles that his food travels. It is an extension of the term locavore. A locavore typically tries to eat seasonally within 100 miles of her home, to reduce food miles and to develop the local economic base. A hyperlocavore therefore wants to bring food even closer. And what’s closer than your neighborhood? We have a time crunch, we have land and property that is loosing value fast, we have kids who don’t know where their food comes from, and we have a climate crisis.

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links for 2009-02-23

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links for 2009-02-22

  • During the morning I sat where I could photo better. Event resources posted at http://compostmodern.org
  • With mobility having transformed from novelty to necessity, millions of Web sites are being optimized to better serve users who access them via mobile devices. The mobile devices people use to access these sites are also changing. Laptops and tablet PCs remain common, but more than ever, people are surfing the Web on their smartphones, using preinstalled mobile-browser software. In many cases, this software is proprietary, and depending on a user's network or location, Web browsing speeds can vary wildly. Michigan and Texas have A+ rating; CA received a B+.
  • Although this can be argued both ways, I’ve seen both instances where it was logo designers responsibility to provide the proper deliverables or the client was using an improper method of creating their logo.

    Below is a list of deliverables you should be giving your clients and what clients should be getting from their logo designer.

  • I found the text below in the book, Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO– by Gerald I. Kendall, PMP and Steven C. Rollins, PMP. The book is an excellent resource for the seasoned project manager looking to move his or her Project Management Office to the next level.
  • Some recent studies on social media and social networking use and baby boomers show that more and more are adopting social media. It may be mean rethinking multi-channel campaigns, particularly use of direct mail as Allyson Kapin writes on the Frog Loop blog. It also means getting passed automatically dismissing a social media/networking strategy because "its for young folks."
  • For over a decade, many of the world's largest corporations have produced voluntary environmental and sustainability reports. The most common reason has been to assure stakeholders–employees, investors, customers–that the company takes environmental and social matters seriously and acts responsibly. Sustainability is about people: How to foster a robust workforce and strong communities. Sustainability addresses innovation: How to spark it, nurture it, and protect it. Sustainability focuses on values: Inspired by faith, family, personal commitment… on the built environment and on markets. And Sustainability is also about natural resources: How to use, renew, and account for environmental capital. Immediately below are portals for sustainability reports on multinational companies followed by links for sustainability reports for companies with locations in Michigan.
  • Conduct Our Business Responsibly
    Being a responsible business has been part of our corporate culture and strategy since our founding in 1982. We examine our own sustainability efforts as they relate to corporate governance and business ethics, employee practices, community investment, and public policy.

    Optimize the Environmental Impact of Our Operations
    Autodesk has an established environmental policy, an environmental management system, and a governance model that integrates environmental impact considerations into business decisions across the company.

  • Sustainability Downloads 2008 Sustainability Report
    Sustainability Report Archives
    Our Values and Policies
    Supplier Relations Guidelines
    P&G Political Activities
    Sustainability FAQ
  • As a corporate citizen, we've made the community agenda our business agenda. Explore the core values and goals behind our commitment to 'Performance with Purpose'.
  • Certain travel situations–traveling with a netbook rather than a full-powered laptop, or finding a cyber-cafe with a fast connection but sluggish operating system–call for online video tools. Here’s an overview.

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links for 2009-02-21

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Social Media

Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research keynoted at Thin Air Conference.

[Note: Embedded slideshare removed here]

Suppose you followed this advice

  • Polymorph content into user-friendly forms.
  • Chunk content into user-friendly sizes.
  • If information is power, media is currency.

How differently would you communicate?

Jeremiah Owyang also has a podcast on community management with HiveLive.

My 1st embed from SlideShare above.

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links for 2009-02-20

  • Available Twitter Feeds: Advisories to County Elections Officials; Ballot Measure Updates;
    News Updates from California Secretary of State Debra Bowen; Voting Systems Announcements; All Secretary of State Twitter Feeds
  • Join Government Technology, the Center for Digital Government and Microsoft for a common sense discussion on Cloud Computing.
    Change is in the air and in the face of tremendous cost cutting measures, government needs to find pragmatic ways to re-tool the infrastructure so public sector agencies can dramatically save money, AND engage with local citizens when they are in the home, on the road and in the workplace.

    At this informative webinar you will learn about:

    * How to better understand the pragmatic and bold vision for cloud-based computing, enabling you to harness your existing on-premise infrastructure with Internet-based services to create solutions reaching your citizens’ PC, phone and PDA

  • In Internet-speak, a "mashup" is a web application that integrates two or more kinds of information into a new, useful resource. Mashups often use interactive maps to pinpoint various content (data, text, images, even videos) associated with a specific location.

    Newspapers have started to "geocode" their stories to help readers browse the news closest to their homes. The Bee, for example, maps articles refering to places in the region. You can zoom in for a close look at your neighborhood and you can set the time period from a minimum of one week to a maximum of six months.

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  • Charles Phan's newest addition brings San Francisco a combination of Noodle Shop and Restaurant/Lounge in the SoMa grand. We welcome reservations for our dining room and accomodate walk-ins in our Noodle Shop and Lounge on a first come first served basis. Feel free to stop by without a reservation and we will do our best to seat you!
  • You're an article writer, working on a way to explain Twitter to beginners. It doesn't seem to matter how clearly you explain what Twitter does or how it works, most people just don't get it. They stare blankly… why should anybody care what I'm doing? they ask, one after the other. You tell them that's not what it's about, that it can be used to share all kinds of things from special offers to links. Still they stay glazed over.
  • With Obama in the President’s seat now, and therefore many new people coming into the government, they now have an opportunity to revisit their presence on the web and explore the possibilities of getting the American people more interested and more informed about what their government is doing. At the Sunlight Foundation we decided to spend a little time thinking about these challenges and came up with a short design exercise that will hopefully get people thinking in that direction.
  • Technology moves fast, which means many capable gadgets go from daily use to trash heap fairly quickly. Unfortunately, many of the components inside of gadgets like monitors, MP3 players and printers are extremely toxic and bad for the environment. While we might have our own ways of recycling old computers, sometimes a gadget has lived through its life cycle. Fortunately, there are many resources for responsibly recycling gadgets, and in some cases you can walk away with extra cash.

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links for 2009-02-19

  • As I left, friend Kevin Marks showed me the equipment store where Googlers can just swipe an employee card and pick up a cable or a power adapter or a laptop case: no requisition forms and bureaucrats to go through. They just make it work. He came over on one of the bikes that are scattered across campus and rescattered each night. The famous free food keeps people on campus working. My book talk was organized, I was amazed to learn, by volunteers who manage visits by filmmakers, musicians, authors, and now green leaders. One of the volunteers works hard on the visits, so he comes in on weekends to handle more tickets. Another volunteer told me over lunch – a damned fine burrito – that since he arrived at Google from college six months ago, Google has been teaching him coding; he said the assumption is that if you need to know how to do something, you take a course or go find someone who can teach you.
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  • Technical women face challenges, from institutionalized bias to differences in communication styles to a lack of female role models. Developed in collaboration with the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Mentoring-in-a-Box: Technical Women at Work helps women excel in the technical professions and advance to positions of leadership.
  • “If I had to characterize one quality as the genius of female thought, culture and action, it would be the connectivity.” — Robin Morgan It’s a recurring theme on the anitaborg.org website and at ABI events that when you build a network based on mutual benefit, everybody wins. For technical women, who often don’t study or work in the most supportive of environments, connecting online can provide a powerful support system. The more than 3,000 members of our Systers email listserv have been demonstrating that since 1987. But in today’s turbulent economy and strained job market, building and nurturing your professional network is more critical than ever. That’s why today’s savviest networkers are using a combination of Web 2.0 tools to supplement face-to-face contacts and email lists. Here are a few online communities that the Anita Borg Institute is actively using to help the sisterhood of technical women connect with and support each other.
  • "Ask the Secretary" is a new online interactive forum that can allow you to connect with Secretary Clinton directly. While Secretary Clinton travels across the world, you can submit your questions for her using this form. Ask the Secretary your questions now about her travel to Asia. Secretary Clinton will select various questions to answer, and they will be posted to http://www.state.gov.
  • This page includes people and agencies of the U.S. government, organized according to the executive branch, legislative branch, and related sections.

    Other resources include:

    1. Congresspedia for detailed information on members of Congress
    2. Bearingpoint has a web directory and a Twitter account @GovTwit that encompasses federal, state, and local

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